Pascall Promotions offers a wide range of Online and Warehousing Solutions.

No project is too great!

From the company’s beginning in 1979 Pascall Promotions has handled all forms of product logistics for clients as well as for our own products.

The company has evolved with technology and can offer total solutions for Sales, Marketing, Ordering, Warehousing and Logistics.

Online Technology:

All Product Ranges, be it in a Shop System or Catalogue, are all online and fully customisable. Pascall Promotions has the ability to create any online solution to suit a client’s needs from Shops, Catalogues, Ordering, Warehousing through to Delivery, Distribution and all required logistics.

Some Examples of Solutions Created by Pascall Promotions:

(All solutions can be combined into one if required. There are no limitations)

  • Consolidation of Promotional Merchandise with authorised employees placing orders online.

The client had stock in different locations in Australia & New Zealand. They are office based and had no warehousing facilities in any of their locations and as a result they had Promotional Merchandise in offices scattered in cupboards, desks and counters, with no real stock control creating quite a logistical and financial nightmare.

Pascall Promotions created an online shop that had the look and feel of the client's existing website for a seamless transition for the user. An ordering, warehousing and distribution solution was designed to streamline the entire merchandise process from product creation through to ordering, stock control and distribution.

Existing products were collected from all the locations, others added and were collated and entered into our warehouse system. Pre-purchased bulk orders saving the individual locations money, by not placing individual small orders, and decorated accordingly as per normal order processing procedures. Pascall Promotions created a secured online shop system accessible only via a login and password with the selected product range from the client. The system handles ordering, stock control, availability and distribution. Products can be “In Stock” OR “Produced to Order” with indicative production times enabling a larger product range with minimal stock holding which is usually the most requested products.

Authorised employees are given Login access, for security, placing orders online. Orders for stock items are then placed onto the warehouse for picking, packing and dispatch, usually within 24 hours of order placement. At the end of each month Pascall Promotions produces relevant stock reports.

Orders for Produce to Order Items are then placed into our normal order processing system for production.

  • Fundraising.

We have developed an on-line fundraising solution for clients such as Clubs, Schools and other institutions. With every sale a proportion of the sale is given back to the the community as a fundraiser.  No need to hold stock, fast delivery of orders no financial outlay. Call 0407 015 832 for more information.

  • Special Promotion for an Event or Celebration.

A client wanted to have all company branches have a gift for an event / celebration. Pascall Promotions found the perfect product and produced the item meeting all the client's requirements. We then created an online product in the shop system whereby each of the departments, managers or areas of the business place their individual orders with a specific cut-off date to allow time to produce the product and distribute. The orders are consolidated, produced and distributed within a specified time period to meet the expected predetermined delivery dates.

Advantages / Benefits:

  • All locations that placed an order pay the same price for the product based on the bulk order price. A department or location that has small requirements is not disadvantaged from a monetary perspective compared to the locations placing larger orders. All locations pay the same price as determined by the final bulk order.
  • There is no obsolete stock. Not having to estimate requirements and second guess quantities. What is produced is what is needed.
  • The promotion / event is repeated – for example each year. We can turn on and off the promotion and change the product ect as required so there is no starting from scratch every year. For example Easter, Christmas, Mother’s & Father’s day. We simply turn off the promotion and re-instigate the following year or at the next frequency.
  • Seasonal Products:

In a similar way to Special Promotions above we can set products set up in such a way that they can be turned on and off as required. For example Garments / Products that cover Summer & Winter.

  • Retail Sales:

Pascall Promotions has the ability to create a retail online solution for any product and can include the shop, product range, unlimited categories, discounts, promotions, online payment gateways ect.

  • Marketing:

Creation of marketing Landing Pages, Social Media, Cross Product Promotions and 3rd party links.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Since 2008 Pascall Promotions has been utilising sophisticated CRM packages. Prior to 2008 we created our own management system when little to no CRM solutions were available.

With the current advanced CRM software, encompassing enormous marketing power that CRM software can provide, Pascall Promotions is at the forefront of marketing, utilising a very powerful CRM system, from automated follow ups to targeted date driven marketing strategies and campaigns.

We are in the new “Retail World” that without a doubt a CRM package is now a requirement for any successful B2C business to survive.

  • Your Solution:

Pascall Promotions is happy to discuss any requirements you may have in regard to creation of merchandise through to online solutions, ordering, warehousing and distribution requirements that you may have. We strongly believe we can create a solution for you no matter what the requirements are.